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With seven rounds and 35 matches remaining in the 2018-19 A-League Season, I rank the run home for your team and predict how the A-League ladder will look after 27 rounds.

Here is the A-League Ladder as it stands:

To start I’m going to rank the run home from easiest to toughest.

1. Perth Glory

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Although Perth play the other six teams in the top seven and the top three of those away from home in Sydney FC, Adelaide United and Melbourne Victory, they don’t have Asian Champions League (ACL) fixtures to contend with and I believe only getting a point out of the Wanderers match will be the wake up call they needed to stay focussed for the rest of the regular season.

Perth Glory’s run home: City (Away), Adelaide (Away), Victory (Home), Mariners (Away), Newcastle (Home), Sydney (Away), Wellington (Home)

Ladder Prediction: 1st

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2. Melbourne City

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Melbourne City have what should be the second easiest run home and no ACL matches to contend with but will they make full use of it? No.

Their biggest challenges will be playing Perth Glory at home in Round 21 and Sydney FC away from home in Round 22.

Melbourne City’s run home: Perth (Home), Sydney (Away), Wanderers (Away), Brisbane (Home), Adelaide (Home), Wellington (Away), Mariners (Home)

Ladder Prediction: 6th

3. Wellington Phoenix

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Wellington only play two of the top-four sides and that’s away to Perth and Adelaide. I believe this will be there toughest two matches. Tough one to pick but I feel they can have a solid finish to the season and win themselves a home match in week one of the finals series.

Wellington Phoenix’s run home: Perth (Home), Sydney (Away), Wanderers (Away), Brisbane (Home), Adelaide (Home), Wellington (Away), Mariners (Home)

Ladder Prediction: 4th

4. Adelaide United

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You could argue that Adelaide United have a decent run home; a top four team and also no ACL matches to manage.

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Their biggest challenges will be playing Sydney away in Round 21 and then hosting Perth in Round 22.

Adelaide United’s run home: Sydney (Away), Perth (Home), Mariners (Away), Wellington (Home), City (Away), Victory (Home), Brisbane (Away)

Ladder Prediction: 5th

5. Western Sydney Wanderers

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The Wanderers have a surprisingly easy run home.

Their most difficult matches will be the Sydney Derby in Round 25, which I think they’ll win and Melbourne Victory at home in Round 27. These two sides will be starting to feel the impact of Asian Champions League matches around that time.

Sydney FC play Shanghai SIPG three days before the derby and a Big Blue versus Melbourne Victory four days before that, so Western Sydney will be looking to steal those points of both those sides.

Western Sydney Wanderers’ run home: Western Sydney Wanderers run home: Brisbane (Away), Wellington (Away), City (Home), Newcaste (Away), Sydney (Home), Mariners (Away), Victory (Home)

Ladder Prediction: 8th

6. Newcastle Jets

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Newcastle’s biggest challenges will be Perth away in Round 25 and Sydney at home in Round 27.

As a Sydney FC fan I always look forward to that road trip up to Newcastle and a great ground to watch football. I’d also go out on a limb and say this clash has more appeal for both team’s supporters than the F3 Derby.

Even if the Jets win four of their last seven games like I expect them to, they’ll finish one point behind 6th place.

Newcastle Jets’ run home: Victory (Away), Mariners (Home), Wellington (Away), Adelaide (Away), Perth (Away),Brisbane (Away), Sydney (Home)

Ladder Prediction: 7th

7. Sydney FC

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Blessing or a curse? Sydney play every other team currently in the top five at (home) and three teams in the bottom four (away).

They also have a Derby to play against the Wanderers in Round 25.

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Sydney additionally have four ACL matches to play during this period and play Shanghai SIPG 3 days before the Sydney Derby, and four days before that, a Big Blue versus Melbourne Victory who will also be ACL-affected.

Sydney FC’s run home: Adelaide (Home), City (Home), Brisbane (Away), Victory (Home), Wanderers (Away), Perth (Home), Newcastle (Away)

Ladder Prediction: Equal second with Melbourne Victory – For and Against to decide

8. Brisbane Roar

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Brisbane have the most home games (five) in the final seven rounds of any team but they do play both Melbourne teams away as well as Sydney FC and Adelaide United away.

Brisbane Roar’s run home: Wanderers (Home), Victory (Away), Sydney (Home), City (Away), Wellington (Home), Newcastle (Home), Adelaide (Home)

Ladder Prediction: 9th

9. Melbourne Victory

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Melbourne Victory have the toughest run home of the top four teams.

Although they play their three home games against bottom-four sides, they play Perth, Sydney & Adelaide away as well as four ACL fixtures during this period.

The only reason I say they have an easier run than the Mariners is because they play the Mariners in Round 25, and while they play a Big Blue versus Sydney FC and Guangzhou Evergrande away in the seven days prior, they should still bag the three points.

Melbourne Victory’s run home: Newcastle (Home), Brisbane (Home), Perth (Away), Sydney FC (Away), Mariners (Home), Adelaide (Away), Wanderers (Away)

Ladder Prediction: Equal second with Sydney FC – For and Against to decide

10. Central Coast Mariners

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I’m not sure this needs any commentary …

Central Coast Mariners’ run home: Wellington (Home), Newcastle (Away), Adelaide (Home), Perth (Home), Victory (Away), Wanderers (Home), City (Away)

Ladder Prediction: 10th

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Brian Gibson is the Founder of Australian Football and former digital marketer at Football Federation Australia.